Adult Adoption Laws in New Mexico

My name is Attorney Anthony Spratley. I'm the owner and founder of genius Law Group here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we practice law. And we do it well. Are you an adult and want to get adopted by another adult? This happens with step-parent cases and other circumstances. We've done several adult adoptions here at genus now, they're rare but they do happen. New Mexico law allows it to happen. Strangely there are very few states in the union that allows adult adoptions, but it's possible. So, fortunately, if you're in the state of New Mexico and have residence within the state, you're able to do an adult adoption. 

How do I start my adult adoption prosses in New Mexico?

Now that you know that you can do adult adoption in New Mexico, you might be asking where does that adoption begin? It begins with that adult petitioning the court for that adoption to take place. Now, do you need the consent of anyone to move forward with that adoption? Well, usually the consent comes from the person who is going to adopt you, right? That's step-parent. And usually, that's a no-brainer, because hopefully, you've had a conversation with the person that's going to adopt you. And they're willing to say, yes, I want to adopt my stepchild. There could be a scenario where that stepparent says no for one reason or another. But typically, before you file that petition, you're going to want to make sure the stepparent wants to adopt you as their adult child. We've had successful petitions here, where adult children or stepchildren usually have asked for their step-parent to adopt them. And usually, it happens without issue. You do have to provide notice to the biological parents about your attempt, or that your petition to ask the court to will allow the stepparent or other adult to adopt you. Could they object to the petition? Yep, absolutely. They could. However, usually, the objection doesn't go that far. You will be able to go through successfully through the adoption process because you're an adult, and you can make your own decisions. 

Can Adoption Effect My Inheritance In New Mexico?

Understanding that when you are adopted by this step-parent, it cuts off your rights to inherit from the other biological parent, it does, but that's okay. Because you probably already thought about this. But it does open the possibility of you inheriting from the state if the court granted your newly adopted parent. In sort New Mexico allows for the possibility of adult adoption, we can help you with that. But if you have any more questions, please reach out to us we can have a discussion about it. If you know anyone that might benefit from this info, please share it with them and like it as well if you liked the content. If you want to talk about anything law-related, give us a call at  505-317-4455 or chat with a live representative online now to schedule your consultation with a top New Mexico family Law Attorney. Until next time, I look forward to writing to you all. Thanks and have a great day.

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