Here at Genus Law Group, we take pride in forming a personal relationship with each and every one of our clients. We think it's important for you to know and trust the people who you will be working with on some of the most important issues in your life. Our Albuquerque family law and personal injury attorneys have been serving New Mexico families in their divorce, custody, guardianship, and personal injury cases since 2017. Founded by former Air Force JAG Anthony Spratley, Genus Law Group has helped thousands of New Mexicans achieve their goals and maximize their potential in their family law or personal injury cases.


Unlike the other big New Mexico law firms, Genus Law has a narrow legal focus as we only take family law and personal injury cases. That means all of our resources, experience, and systems are designed from the ground up to get you the best possible outcome in your divorce, custody car accident case. This also means that your family law/ PI case will not get lost in the chaos of hundreds or thousands of other cases. Our Albuquerque divorce and personal injury attorneys don't take every single case we come across to ensure the quality of our representation. Our ultimate goal is to make your experience easy and pleasant while protecting you, your family, and your interests.


Get to know Albuquerque’s best attorneys by reading their personal stories. Learn about their education, experience, and what motivated them to serve New Mexico in family law and personal injury cases. Find out what inspires them to fight for their clients in divorce and custody disputes and how their life experiences lead them to a career of fighting for the rights of New Mexicans. We know you need to feel a sense of trust before you hire us to represent you, so get started building that trust here.