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Whatever you have gone through to get to this point, you now know that your marriage is over and you want a divorce that ties up loose ends and gives you closure. You’re done with the discussions, the attempts at compromise, and the ongoing uncertainty. At Genus Law Group, we will not hesitate to go to court to get you the divorce, custody arrangement, or spousal and child support agreements that are in your best interest. We are experienced litigators who won’t quit until we get you the outcome you need.

Our Focus Is Divorce, Custody, and Guardianship Throughout New Mexico.  

You have worked hard over the years to support your family, and now that you and your soon-to-be-ex are splitting up or you've been involved in a vehicle accident, you’re probably afraid of losing the money and assets you worked hard to earn during the course of your marriage or lifetime. What’s even more frightening is the prospect of jeopardizing the relationship you have with your children, or leaving them in a difficult financial situation. You need someone who will go to bat for you, whether in mediation or court. The attorneys at Genus Law Group will tailor the right strategy—cooperative, aggressive, or somewhere in between—to accomplish your personalized goals. They don’t go looking for a costly fight, but they aren’t afraid to take on a hard-hitting legal team, and they will fight tenaciously and aggressively to protect your interests- both during your lifetime and after. Genus Law Group child custody attorneys will make sure you get the timesharing and visitation you deserve with your kids, even after the divorce is settled. 

As a veteran of the Air Force, principal attorney Anthony Spratley understands what it means to stand up for what you believe in. Attorney Spratley utilizes his military discipline and experience as an airforce JAG to ensure that each and every one of his clients receive aggressive, quality representation. Mr. Spratley has built a large firm on a narrow focus. That means that unlike the other large law firms in New Mexico, he only practices family law and estate planning. That means all of our processes, systems, experience, and skill are focused on getting you the best possible outcome in your  Family Law or Estate planning in New Mexico. He and his team are committed to representing your interests, respecting your budget, and standing up for you during what can be a difficult process. We want to help you get the outcome you need to move on to the next phase of your life.

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Call us to schedule a meeting with our team in our Albuquerque office. We are always upfront about our fees and are willing to work with you to make our services affordable. If you are considering representing yourself or going with a “bargain” law firm, you may be risking your future financial security and relationship with your children. Talk to us about what quality representation can do for you.

Our Albuquerque divorce and custody attorneys accept cases from across the state of New Mexico, including Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Los Lunas, Las  Cruces, and Los Alamos. Our attorneys are especially experienced with Military, Sandia, and Los Alamos National Labs divorce and personal injury clients. Call us, fill out our contact form, or chat with someone using our online chat function to get the help you deserve today. We want to hear your story and help you move on to the next phase of your life with your family and assets intact.

Genus Law also serves the Las Cruces area with a new location that opened on February 1, 2021. Call 575-215-3500 to set up an appointment at our Las Cruces Location.

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