You may not be happy that your marriage has ended and your family is splitting up, but you are ready for closure so that you can move on with your life. At Genus Law Group, we help our clients fight for the outcome they want following a contested divorce. When the negotiations and compromises are no longer working, meet with our attorneys for the final solutions you need now.

Our Albuquerque Divorce and Custody Attorneys Go to Court for You

Some Albuquerque divorce attorneys work by bringing you and your ex-spouse into the office again and again for mediation and collaboration instead of seeking a resolution in court. We are not like that. We believe that being a strong advocate for you means going to court rather than asking you to give up things that are important to you in the name of compromise. We fight for our clients in the following areas:

  • Contested divorce. If both parties do not agree on all terms of the divorce, you have a contested divorce. The most frequently contested issues include child custody, child support, and division of property and debt. These are difficult issues to resolve, but with Genus Law Group in your corner, you can be sure your interests will be represented.
  • Legal separation. In New Mexico, a legal separation requires you to go through many of the same steps as a divorce, including agreeing to terms for custody, child support, alimony, and division of property and debt, so, rather than being an easier solution to an unhappy marriage, it ends up being just as difficult. We can help you decide if this is a worthwhile option for you. 
  • Child custody and visitation changes. If one party wants to change the custody or visitation order that was agreed to in the divorce, he or she will have to go to a judge for a court order. Whether you are the one requesting a change or you are opposing a change, you will need your lawyer to make your argument.
  • Child relocation. One parent cannot relocate out of state without the permission of the court. If you or your ex-spouse wants to move, you will have to return to court. Our attorneys will be by your side to support your wishes.
  • Paternity. Petitions to establish paternity may be filed by a mother to force the father to pay child support, or by the father to assert his right to custody of a child. If paternity is in dispute, a DNA test will be required. If paternity is established and back child support is owed, the court will order the other parent to pay it. You will need legal representation no matter which side of the paternity dispute you are on.
  • Adoption. Whether you are a birth mother choosing to give up your child or an adoptive parent involved in a private, state, step-child, grandchild, or any other kind of adoption, our attorneys will handle the matter with sensitivity and respect.
  • Guardianship. When a child has been abused, neglected, or left unsupervised, a family member or other interested party may be appointed the legal guardian. Before a guardian is appointed, the child must be in the state’s custody, unless the Kinship-Guardianship Act applies. Our attorneys can help you navigate this difficult process.
  • Domestic violence. If you and your children need protection from an abusive spouse or partner, our attorneys can help with protection orders and by providing resources to help you get out of the abusive situation.

We invite you to get more information about these and other family law issues on our website and to contact us for assistance in achieving your legal goals.

You Can Trust Us to Take Care of You

No matter who your ex has hired to represent them, you can depend on Genus Law Group to fight for your rights in a divorce, estate planning or related issue. We are happy to schedule a free consultation to discuss what you can expect from the process and our fees. When your freedom, children, and hard-earned assets are at stake, why take any risks? You can trust us to protect your interests.