New Mexico parents argue about Child Custody in background while sad child looks down.

Custody cases take time to navigate through the court system. Judges are inundated with thousands of cases daily, all involving people wanting the case to be dealt with right now. There are three things you can do right now to settle your custody case quickly and obtain a satisfying result outside of court.


#1.  Effectively communicate. 

You want to be very specific on what your time-sharing should look like. If both parents can come to a common understanding on their own, you can quickly resolve your case and spend more time with your child.


#2.  Hire the assistance of a parenting coordinator. 

Hiring a professional like a parenting coordinator to help you come up with a time-sharing plan that works can keep things amicable. A neutral experienced coordinator can help you see the impact of proposed parenting through the lens of the child. It is important the parenting coordinator remains neutral and assists the parents towards a solution that fits the best interest of the child.


#3.  Hiring a mediator. 

A mediator could be a parenting coordinator or a professional mediator knowledgeable about the child custody laws in New Mexico.  A mediator will push the parents toward a settlement with the goal to keep the child custody case out of court. If the parents reach an agreement, the mediator can put it all in writing, both parents sign, and the custody case will be resolved.


If none of these three tips work for you, you should seek the advice of an attorney, as your only recourse may be to seek the assistance of the court to resolve your custody issues. At Genus Law Group, we offer a case strategy session with our experienced family law attorneys so that you can go over your case and your options. Feel free to contact us by calling 505.317.4455 or chat with a representative online now!


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