The Unauthorized Guide To NM Custody And Child Support

Child custody issues are some of the most common family law problems New Mexican’s face. Navigating child custody agreements can be jarring and confusing. Whether you have never been married and need to establish custody or you are a parent or grandparent trying to modify an existing custody agreement, this guide will take you through the process step by step. The Unauthorized Guide To New Mexico Custody And Child Support is a helpful resource for New Mexicans going through a custody battle, kinship/ guardianship process, holiday time-sharing disputes, etc. This FREE guide covers topics from Mothers', Fathers', and even Grandparents’ rights in custody and visitation cases here in New Mexico, as well as discussing how domestic violence and other issues may affect your New Mexico custody or guardianship case. 


This free, downloadable guide, written by some of New Mexico’s top child custody lawyers, covers visitation and custody rights that grandparents can achieve as well as options for parents looking to get more time with their children. Our Albuquerque custody attorneys provide useful tools to encourage you to develop a cohesive parenting plan, and or calculate how much you or your spouse will need to pay in child support. The Unauthorized Guide also explains the difference between legal and physical custody and how you can modify your custody agreement. Circumstances constantly change in everybody's lives, and when life changes your custody agreement can too. Get the time you want and deserve with your child or children. Look through these helpful tips and facts embedded within these pages that can educate New Mexicans with their custody cases. Our Albuquerque family law lawyers understand child support is a big concern to many people so they included answers to some of their most frequently asked questions like “How long do you have to pay child support for?” and “Can you receive child support if you have joint custody?” Albuquerque divorce attorney Anthony Spratley addressed these and many other questions and goes into detail about what can also happen if these custody agreements are violated, and the repercussions that can ensue. 

Here are the major topics this guide goes over:


Download this FREE guide to learn more about the different logistics that go into specific family law cases, and If you have any questions or need help with your Albuquerque divorce or custody battle, our New Mexico custody lawyers can help. Give us a call at 505.317.4455.

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