Understand how you want to modify your custody agreement.

Understanding what you need and don't need to change for your current custody agreement goes a long way in preventing unnecessary complications to your timeshare and legal custody/physical custody agreement. For example, prolonged or little visitation and your child's main opinion of where they want to stay after a divorce is some of the many reasons for modification of a custody agreement. However, if rearrangements for custody agreement involve school-related matters or out-of-school extracurricular activities, try to seek a middle ground first before seeking mitigation or court action for a modification in your custody agreement. 

Some activities your child can participate in that will warrant a change in your custody agreement: 

  • Summer Camps

  • Team Sports

  • Music Lessons

  • Live Concerts

  • Boys or Girls Scouts.


Can Extrecuriculers affect visitation?

If conflicts occur with visitation because of your child's extracurricular activities, talk with your child first about dropping them. If the extracurriculars are not listed in your current court order, you don't need to take them to those extracurriculars. However, it would help if you promoted becoming more involved in social activities and extracurriculars because it promotes a well-rounded life for your child. 

Like before, if you want to seek a way to change or alter your custody order or court order, you can have it modified. But let the other parent know beforehand that a request will be made to prevent future conflicts that pertain to timesharing. Many of the same issues that follow New Mexico custody laws follow issues with extracurriculars, distance from home, and time investment of extracurricular activities could affect the amount of time you spend with your child. Extracurriculars involving lots of time investment like boys and girls scouts will affect your custody agreement. It will be inevitable that you and your ex-spouse will have to coordinate times to take out of your schedules to accommodate your child's extracurricular.

New Mexico's Best Family Attorneys Can Help You 

Complications and headaches can arise when time management and your child's schedule create problems and unnecessary stress. With help from some of the best family attorneys in New Mexico at your side, you'll get the guidance you need to coordinate and execute a plan with your child’s best interest in mind. To contact us, call at (505)-317-4455, chat with our online Q&A bubble on the bottom right or go to the contact us section of our website to get help now.




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