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Here at Genus Law Firm, we deal with marital disputes and personal injury. We've dealt with many unique cases here in New Mexico and taken some of the most valuable information from our experience as lawyers, and created our online FAQs, video articles, books, and blog posts to assist you with your legal issues. Our website is full of family law content that can apply to your case and help you understand what course of action you should take. We write articles, publish easy-to-understand information, and provide excellent legal counseling and professional representation in court. Our site's primary focus is to assist you in getting the legal information and expertise you need, most of which deals with the intricacies of family law and the laws that pertain to personal injury. Our practice areas are listed with a vast amount of information that can be read and cited through the legal process. If you are having issues finding ways to get divorced as an enlisted military member or veteran, we have information for military divorce. If you plan on having a new member of your family, we cover issues that may come up with adoption and guardianship. If your marriage has severe problems with trust or physical abuse, we have entire pages dedicated to advising on what you should do next to avoid domestic violence. Our online information for New Mexico laws regarding Family law and personal injury is top-notch; if you have questions that aren't answered on our website, get in contact with us. 

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The chances are that you are one of many people in New Mexico that can't go through and understand all the legal paperwork to find out what you need to do for your case. Don't worry; our FAQs are made by our expert legal writers that understand that you need an answer to a loaded question. Some questions pop up often: What is Separate Property in New Mexico? Can I Change Attorneys In my NM Divorce, Custody, Guardianship, Or Alimony Case?, or How Much Does a Divorce Cost? These questions seem easy to answer, but sometimes more in-depth information can lead you to make the best possible decision for your case.

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