If you and your ex have a parenting plan in place, it is vital that you have a pre-set agreement for holidays. If there is not a section to cover the holidays, it can become a massive problem very quickly. While most parenting plans do cover a holiday plan for alternating holidays, it is not something that a lot of parents consider. 

How to Schedule Hearings for Holiday Travel


When it comes to scheduling a hearing for holiday travel, in order to make both parents happy it can be a difficult feat since it is so busy during the holiday season. Courts operate on a condensed schedule so that they can have the time off for the holidays as well. That does throw a metaphorical wrench into a lot of plans for people because it does mean that they may not be able to work out the custody issues with the assistance of the courts and instead will have to duke it out between themselves, which can lead to nothing being agreed upon and both parties suffering as a result. The earlier you can get a hearing scheduled to work out a custody arrangement for the holidays, the better. 

International Travel with Children Involved in a Parenting Plan


International Travel, regardless of it being during the holidays or not can become a point of contention between the parents who are involved in the parenting plan. The biggest things to consider, when attempting to travel internationally with children are their age, length of the trip, the designated country of travel, and the overall history of the family. A lot of the time, when it comes to international travel with young children, the crime rate in the country they are planning to visit drives a lot of decisions with allowing children to travel to said countries. The best thing you can do is have an agreement in the parenting plan stating how international travel is to executed and if any restrictions on holidays are to be considered.

Interstate Travel with Children Involved in a Parenting Plan


While international travel is a much larger issue than interstate travel, there are things that need to be considered when traveling with your children to another state for holidays. If an agreement has not been reached by both parents as to who has what holidays, it may cause some tension between the parents. The best way to ultimately avoid this issue is to have an agreement in place months in advance of the proposed travel, typically done with the courts. As previously stated, it is extremely difficult to get a hearing date during the holiday months so the sooner you are able to act on getting an agreement in place the better. 


In the video you just viewed, Anthony covered Holiday travel hearings and the best route to getting a resolution in place that makes everyone happy. If you do have any questions about holiday travel arrangements, you can always contact Genus Law Group for further assistance.

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