Child Support Alterations In New Mexico 

Changing your child support agreement is not that difficult. While child support agreements are intended to be permanent solutions, they can sometimes be subject to alteration after they're made. For example, if there's been a drastic change in circumstances for either spouse, changes can be made to account for them. To change your agreement and support payments, contact your caseworker and provide them with information justifying your alteration request. Note that you're able to request alterations at any time. However, your request for modifications to your child support agreement will not be applied unless substantial evidence shows that drastic changes to your circumstances warrant changes.

Am I Able to Change my Child Support at Any Time?

Usually, any child support agreement in New Mexico can be altered if circumstances change. A typical example that warrants modifications to your child support agreement is an increase in your or your ex-spouse's income. Simply put, If you make more money than your spouse or vice versa, there should be a change to your child support agreement. However, you can't make changes if your circumstances haven't changed drastically. If you need a change in your child support, they don't happen automatically. All changes you need to make must go through court to be assessed and approved for the alterations to take effect in the new child support calculation. If you or your spouse have a drastic change to circumstances, file as soon as possible.

A Substantial Change in Material Assets

If your spouse has accrued a vast amount of wealth or has made more or less money significantly since the first agreement plan was made, modifications to your child support plan are warranted. If your child wants to spend more time with a parent, then your child support agreement might be affected due to new calculations with time-share modification. These alterations to the current child support calculation must demonstrate an increase or decrees of 20% or more in the child support obligation. In some cases, intentional changes to child support agreements have been overruled; this blocks you from receiving any changes or payments you intended to receive from child support. For example, you need to be involuntarily terminated or fired to receive the preferred changes.

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