Read the Divorce Papers and Summons Very Closely

If you receive divorce papers in the state of New Mexico, the first couple of questions you'll ask will be "what do I do now" or "what does this mean?". Understanding the Importance of divorce papers or dissolutions of marriage should be your first step in your divorce process. Once you receive divorce papers, you'll be put on a thirty-day response period; this response period is essential for fair and equitable court hearings and mediation. This initial response to divorce papers is one of if not the most critical move you can make for your dissolution of marriage. If you don't respond to the divorce papers before the end of the thirty days, you could end up forfeiting some significant assets and more. 

Don't Default On The Divorce Papers 

If you have not responded after the thirty-day response for the divorce papers you were served, then you default. Defaulting is one of the worst things that can happen in a divorce because it could forfeit your right to the community property you and your spouse share. In divorce papers and petitions for divorce, the spouse who serves the divorce papers receives all of the requested community property, custody, and much more if you default. This means that you don't get to have a traditional divorce and could possibly lose all of your marital assets in the process. If you don't respond to divorce papers, hire a lawyer to represent you in court, seek mediation, and work out settlements, you'll end up with the worst possible situation imaginable. If you have children you want to have a relationship with, respond to the divorce papers. It's not against New Mexico law to request full Legal and physical custody of children even though New Mexico is a 50/50 state. By defaulting on divorce papers, you give the opposing party full rain on the results of the divorce, don't let this happen. Respond as soon as possible to gain a fair divorce with a lawyer to assist you in every aspect and legal matter in your dissolution of marriage.

An Albuquerque Lawyer is Ready to Assist You

Divorce is hard to undergo alone, and the process of defaulting is one of the worst things that can happen in a dissolution of marriage. If your having issues with the response and what type of divorce would be right for you, contact us. Genus law has experienced and expert lawyers that can help you every step of the way to a successful divorce. Call at  (505)-317-4455 to set up your consultation with one of our experienced Albuquerque Divorce Attorneys. We can discuss your case, your concerns, and your options to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

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