Reply To The Divorce Papers In 30 Days

If you’ve received divorce papers, also known as a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, file a response as soon as possible. There’s a thirty-day window of response in New Mexico; if you fail to respond to the papers, a court can grant your spouse some or all of what they ask for in the documents, this is called a default judgment. Time is valuable during the petitioning period so get in touch with a Family Law Lawyer as soon as possible. Having an opportunity to speak for yourself and your interests is key to keeping what you want, so don't let something like a thirty-day response period possibly break your bank and lifestyle. If you have kids, you need to understand child custody laws and proceedings for child custody in New Mexico. Getting a better grip on time-sharing agreements will also help, but it might become overwhelming if you don’t have a lawyer to assist you. Proceeding without legal consultation and representation is rarely in your best interest and could lead to serious and costly consequences.

Contact a New Mexico Divorce Attorney  

Contacting a New Mexico Divorce attorney is always a good idea when starting a divorce; attorneys can give you advice and guidance throughout the divorce process from beginning to end.  Attorneys let you know what options you have during the divorce; they’ll also assist you in the filing process and explore all the aspects of your case, giving you a personalized plan of action to succeed in your divorce. In addition, there are different types of divorce available to you during the divorce process, with many justifiable reasons to have one or the other. If you contact an attorney, you'll get a better run down on what divorce would be best for you when you make a reply to the served divorce papers. You can decide to opt for a contested or uncontested divorce; you could also settle with mediation to discuss your separation of community property, and you could see what asset options you have when finalizing settlement agreements. Going through a divorce with a lawyer makes the divorce process less tedious and stressful.

A New Mexico Lawyer Can Help.

Replying to or filing for divorce is a complex and often daunting task that can have lasting consequences for you and your family. You may be able to get divorced on your own if you have excellent communication and don’t have children or assets; this is usually not the case. You have a lot at stake if you’ve been fed divorce papers. So don’t let it eat at you. Call a New Mexico lawyer to assist you on your path to a new life. Contact us at (505)-317-4455, fill out our contact form below, or chat with an online representative now to get in touch with our premier divorce lawyers. We want to hear your story and help you move on.

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