how a lawyer can help people with adoptionAdopting a child—or placing a child for adoption—may be one of the most important things you'll ever do. The adoption process can be exciting and filled with anticipation. It's also scary and overwhelming at times.

As an adoptive or a birth parent, it's imperative the process provides the best life for the child and that you have all the necessary information to make the right choices.

Types of Adoption

 Not all adoptions are the same. Adoptive parents and birth parents have important decisions to make. For example, you may consider various types of adoptions such as:

  • International—birth parents and child are from countries other than the U.S.
  • Domestic—all parties to the adoption are from the U.S.
  • Open—the adoptive family and the child know the identity of the birth parents and may have an ongoing relationship with them
  • Closed—the adoptive family and the child don't know the identity of the birth parents
  • Family—one relative formally adopts a child from another relative
  • Stepparent—occurs after a parent’s rights are terminated, or a parent dies

Our experienced Albuquerque adoption lawyers are ready to help you with an adoption process that's right for your family.

Why Adoptive Parents Need Specialized Legal Counsel

You want to make sure your child is with you forever. Accordingly, you need to get everything right the first time with your adoption. This includes:

  • An extensive background check. This may consist of financial information, fingerprints, references, and health records.
  • Confirming birth parents' rights are terminated. This includes both the mother and father of the child you wish to adopt. It may require your legal team to find the father and obtain his permission for the adoption.
  • Filing all relevant documents with the court. The State of New Mexico requires extensive and specific paperwork before finalizing an adoption. An attorney will make sure it's all done correctly while you concentrate on your family.

If a mistake happens during the adoption process, the judge may not approve the adoption or the adoption may initially receive court approval only to be invalid later. Either situation can be devastating. Our experienced lawyers intend to investigate all aspects thoroughly to protect you and your family from this potential heartache.

Why Birth Parents Need an Adoption Lawyer

Placing a child for adoption is a challenging decision. Regardless of your reasons, our adoption lawyers will diligently help achieve your goals and make sure your rights are protected.

Specifically, we will:

  • Secure informed adoption consent.  In accordance with New Mexico law, consent must be given in writing and can happen as soon as 48 hours after an infant's birth. Both the mother and the recognized father have to provide consent, so if there's a question of paternity, our firm can help in that process. If any other parties have to provide consent, such as the state, a foster care agency, or another guardian, our firm works with these entities as well to make the process more efficient. Once parties provide consent, it typically cannot be withdrawn.
  • Determine the adoption agreement. Your wishes for the child's future matter, so we'll help you decide whether an open, a closed, or a family adoption is the best course of action.

Our goal is to ensure the decisions you make for yourself and the child are legally binding, so both of your futures are certain. Contact the Genus Law Group if you live in New Mexico and need to process an adoption. Our team of family law experts will partner with you to ensure a smooth transition