Pursuing a divorce is never an easy process. Divorces are usually not simple and only get more complex the longer the length of the marriage and the more assets involved. They also can be overwhelmingly stressful considering the emotional, financial, and familial effects. If you are considering filing for divorce or if you have been served with divorce papers, there are many issues you must take into consideration when determining your options. One of the most common questions we hear from our clients is in regard to how much their divorce will cost. The answer to this question varies from case to case and greatly depends on the parties involved and the facts of the case.

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Average Cost

There is no set amount for how much divorce costs, the reason being that the cost depends on many factors. New Mexico Divorces are intricate and have many variables. You must ask yourself whether you want to hire an attorney or want to proceed on your own. You may also want to ask yourself what type of settlement you would like in your divorce; some components that need to be considered include child custody, alimony, and/or mediation. The level of conflict and the ability to communicate within the marriage can also be a major determining factors in how you can proceed with your divorce and how much it will cost. Even in cases of low conflict, it is often in your best interest to consult with an attorney so you know your options and you ensure you get a fair shake in any settlement agreement. However, you also need to be aware of the hourly rate of lawyers, the reason being that the time spent working on your case by an attorney is reflected in your bill. At a national level, the average cost of a divorce is about $15,000 per person. This estimate includes attorney fees, court costs, and fees from professionals such as GALs, child custody evaluators, among others. Some spouses have little to no disputes when ending their marriage, which makes an uncontested divorce an attainable option. On the other hand, contested divorces, where some disputes need to be settled by the court call for a longer (and ultimately more costly) process. Keep in mind that divorces involving children and custody almost always cost more than divorces without kids.

What to Expect in NM

In the state of New Mexico, the filing fee to open a divorce case is between $135-$155. However, this does not reflect the cost of drafting the Petition for the Dissolution of Marriage, Marital Settlement Agreement, Final Decree, or the settlement of property division, custody, or any other issues. Find out more about the divorce process here. An initial consultation with an attorney ranges from $0-$500, depending on the firm. However, you get what you pay for. Many firms will charge the attorney's hourly rate for a first consultation and others may even offer free consultations. Be wary of so-called "free" consultations, because these are really just case evaluations where the attorney tells you they can take your case. Any divorce attorney can help you get divorced. What you need to know is what your options are and how much those options will cost as well as legal advice specific to your case. For this, you will likely need a paid consultation as attorneys generally do not provide legal advice in free consultations.   There is no set amount for how much the actual divorce will cost, but you should know that the more there is to argue about, the more a divorce will cost. To keep costs down, it is recommended to talk with the other party before rushing to speak with an attorney. Additionally, it must be understood that no two divorce cases are the same and some divorces may require attorneys to legally settle disagreements that may arise between the two parties. Said disagreements prolong the timeline of a divorce and in most cases, legal fees can add up to considerable amounts. Even seemingly straightforward divorces can cost hundreds of dollars, where complicated divorces may have a price tag of thousands of dollars. Ultimately, the cost of the divorce is based on the duration of the divorce process and the amount of conflict. Generally speaking, a New Mexico Divorce will cost between $2500 and $8000. To lower your costs, check out our New Mexico Divorce guide on how to save money on your divorce. 


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