Speak with the other parent about changing schools. 

Divorce is a long and tedious process for all parties involved, and both parents want what's best for their child or children's education. Schooling is one of the essential parts in determining where your child will spend most of their time during the fall and spring, so variables such as distance from the child's school play a significant role in determining the time-sharing/custody agreement. If you and your spouse can reach a custody agreement without a mediator, the courts will usually approve the plan. However, if the deal negatively affects the child or children or doesn't suit their best possible future, you'll need to rework the plan with a mediator

What would a judge rule for in the best interest of your child?

A judge will head for the best possible circumstances for your child. As stated earlier, distance from the child's school plays a significant role in determining a custody agreement and time slots for parents. But another integral factor in deciding custody would be the housing situation and environment. Suppose you live in a one-bedroom apartment or studio suite with one bathroom in a run-down part of town; in this case, your chances of getting primary custody are low. If your ex-spouse has a four-bedroom, three-bath house in the upscale area of your city close to your child's friends, then your chances of getting primary custody would be little to none. Having your child in a relaxing environment is one of the most critical aspects in determining primary custody. If you plan on having quality time with your child, plan on having a decent living space in proximity to your child's school and acquaintances. 

Be willing to compromise. 

Compromising and compiling with the court, judge, and ex-spouse during a stressful time like divorce shows maturity and your good side. Compliance and willingness to cooperate with your ex will give you a better look in court than being complex. Preventing visitation and actively trying to interfere with timeshare will cause the courts to intervene constantly and cause difficulty for you farther down the road with your custody agreement. Being willing to provide anything you can in terms of compromise and compliance dramatically increases your chances of primary custody. 

An Albuquerque lawyer can help. 

Understanding the legal implications regarding child school enrolment and obtaining primary custody of your children will take more than quick searches and overviews. It’ll take more effort and time to consider what will be in your child’s best interest, especially what your child will want from you and your ex-spouse.

If you want a skilled individual to accompany you with expert knowledge of school transfer and custody, our lawyers will provide the best service and know-how to accomplish what you need to be done. To learn more about how the professionals at Genus Law Group can help ease property division during divorce, please contact us at (505) 317-4455 or chat with someone on our website chat function to schedule an initial consultation.





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