Parental Alienation in New Mexico

Parental Alienation in New Mexico: What You Need to Know

Are you concerned that your child is being turned against you due to the actions or words of the other parent? If so, you may be facing a situation called parental alienation. As a dedicated New Mexico family law attorney, I understand the challenges and emotions involved in these situations. In this article, we’ll delve into parental alienation, its signs, and what you can do if you believe you're a victim. Remember, if you need help with your specific situation or case, fill out a contact form on this page or call our office to set up your consultation today!


What is Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation occurs when one parent manipulates a child to reject or fear the other parent without a valid reason. It's a damaging form of psychological abuse that can harm the parent-child relationship and the child's mental well-being.

Recognizing the Signs of Parental Alienation

  • Badmouthing: The alienating parent frequently speaks ill of the other parent in front of the child.
  • Limiting Contact: The child’s time with the alienated parent is often curtailed or interfered with.
  • Erosion of Affection: The child begins to display an unjustified aversion or fear towards the alienated parent.
  • False Accusations: The alienating parent might make false allegations about the other parent, such as abuse.
  • Supporting the Child’s Rejection: The alienating parent validates the child’s negative feelings or behavior towards the alienated parent.

New Mexico's Stance on Parental Alienation

In New Mexico, the best interests of the child are paramount in any custody determination. Courts look at several factors to ensure the child’s well-being, and parental alienation can play a significant role. Demonstrating a pattern of parental alienation may impact custody agreements and visitation rights.


Steps to Take if You Suspect Parental Alienation in New Mexico

  • Document Every
  • thing: Maintain a record of instances that suggest alienation, including missed visitations, derogatory comments, and any change in your child’s behavior.
  • Seek Legal Counsel: A New Mexico family law attorney can guide you through the process and advocate on your behalf.
  • Consider Family Therapy: A therapist specializing in high-conflict divorces or parental alienation can help address and heal the strained parent-child relationship.
  • Stay Engaged: Continue to be a loving, consistent presence in your child’s life, regardless of the challenges.
  • Avoid Retaliation: Do not respond with similar tactics. It's crucial to maintain the moral high ground for your child's sake and the legal proceedings.

Get Help with Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is a heartbreaking and challenging issue that many families face. However, with awareness, documentation, and the right legal guidance, it's possible to address and overcome this challenge. If you believe you are experiencing parental alienation in New Mexico, reach out to our skilled family law attorneys at Genus Law Group for guidance and support. Our full-service family law firm has experience handling complex and challenging custody and divorce cases.

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