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We help New Mexicans with Divorce, Custody, Alimony, Property Division, and Guardianship Cases.

Genus law's experienced divorce and custody lawyers will take the time to listen to your concerns and provide you with a legal strategy tailored to your specific situation. Unlike the other big firms in town, Genus Law Group’s sole focus is family law. That means all our time, resources, skill, and training are geared towards getting you the best outcome in your New Mexico divorce or custody case. If you have a family law problem, we can help.

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How A Las Cruces Divorce Attorney Can Help You

The divorce and custody experts at Genus Law Group have experience working in Family Law courts around the state. We know how the New Mexico court system operates and how to get the best results for our clients because family law is what we do- it’s all we do. Our team of experienced and aggressive litigators will fight for you every step of the way when you are going up against:


Uncontested Divorce



Alimony/ Spousal Support 

Property Division 

Legal Separation


Fill out the contact form, chat with an online representative or call 575-215-3500  to set up your consultation with one of our excellent Las Cruces family law attorneys. We will sit down with you, go over your case, and provide you with your options.

Get Help With Your New Mexico Divorce or Custody Case

Aside from being emotionally and financially taxing, the outcome of your divorce or custody case can have serious and long-term effects for you and your family. It is always advisable to have a qualified divorce attorney on your side who is looking after your interests during a process that can have a significant impact on your life and future. Our Las Cruces divorce attorneys offer online or in-office consultations so you can sit down one-on-one with a professional to go over your case,  your concerns what your options are, and what those options may cost. Our Las Cruces Family Law office is located at 133 Wyatt Dr, #3, Las Cruces, NM 88005. Call 575-215-3500, chat with someone now using our live chat function, or contact us to set up your consultation today!

You can also check out our New Mexico family law library and FAQ section to find more information about divorce, custody, alimony, and guardianship in New Mexico.

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